My $5 Corner Office

Anyone else more productive in a beautiful space? My surroundings totally affect me. I feel more creative in a space that feels more like "me"... this little rearrange has already made me so much more productive... I mean, it hasn't even been a week since I finished this project and I am already blogging about it... who is this chick?

Let me tell you, the new feel of the office is not the only reason why it has made me more productive... the LOCATION changed everything.

Before, my office was upstairs in a spare bedroom. I liked the idea of being able to go up there, shut the door, and focus on getting things done. Then I had a child... and the reality of having large amounts of time to escape to my office did not exist anymore.

Having this work area in the center of our home has allowed me to carve out time during the day to get more things done while Ren plays with her toys or relaxes for a bit and I can still have her in my sight. Bam, game changer.

I have had this idea in mind for this desk for far too long. I honestly was scared to put Marble contact paper on a surface so large that would have to have a seem and dreaded the bubbles that surely would come with applying it. But, I kid you not... it was SO easy! And the seam just blended right in. You can click HERE to watch video of me applying it (it is a very professional video where I actually put the phone in my mouth to capture exactly how I applied the paper while using a children's book as a smoother).... #professional

I simply folded the edges under, used leftover spray paint from the swing set (Rustoleum Pure Gold) and the last major change was painting the file cabinet with leftover paint. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is my go to white. It is soft, warm, and slightly creamy... while still feeling like a true white. This cabinet was so old so I simply rubbed some steel wool on it to get off any lasting finish (because I didn't have any sand paper... so this did the trick) and got to painting.

Now let's go back... I mean WAY back to see how this little corner of our home has changed over time. Wonder what it will be next... ha! Nothing stays the same around here for too long. This corner always felt like an awkward little nook off of the family room... and now it finally feels like a space we will use daily. Let's go back in time and see all of the phases this little corner has seen over the past two and a half years....


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