A DIY Dream Come True!

At first, I felt silly making and entire blog post about this... as if I were shouting "LOOK! I'M IN A MAGAZINE" from the rooftops. It seemed a bit much... and then I saw it was 11:11 on the clock. So what does that mean exactly? Let me explain...

In my family, 11:11 is a little magical time of day and if you catch it by looking at the clock at that moment it's a little sign that God is with you. So to me, catching 11:11 right when I was doubting a little celebration felt like he was saying - Celebrate, girl.

Last year on a whim I got inspired to make a Christmas Tree out of my garage sale wooden plates and stick them to the wall. It was a day I was supposed to be cleaning and instead I was creating... typical. It never crossed my mind for a second that this little idea would become a big dream come true moment. I will never regret not cleaning for creating again, ha!

So let this be a reminder to you to not be afraid to celebrate every victory. No matter how big or small. Don't be afraid of the folks that will think you are too much or aren't enough. Sharing your celebrations with your friends will help you see who is there to cheer you on and who you can celebrate their good right alongside them.

This little idea went from my small corner of the world to mass print. Pretty cool. And ya know what? I am pretty darn excited about it too. Thanks Flea Market Decor Magazine for also giving me a reason to "Celebrate, girl."

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