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Guys, I have been researching stroller wagons like it is my job... and let me tell you, no one is paying me to do this. I am just obsessed with them all on my own.

They are the newest way to double stroll on the go for all the things & the first time I saw one... I knew... I needed one. Yeah, I am a sucker for cool baby gear.

The Veer Stroller Wagon was the first one I had ever seen & I loved the sleek design, the multifunction, and how a infant seat could be attached too. It is an all in one double stroller combo. Win.

Here’s where you lose... it STARTS at $599. The base set doesn’t include any canopies, storage bins, cushions, or car seat adapters... so in order to get the full effect you will be closing in at $1,000... yikes.

That‘s when I found the Keenz stroller wagon. The design, not as sleek. The functionality, almost just as good - but no car seat option. The price, much better. The perks? It starts at $389 and includes a sun shade, storage bin, and a cushioned seat. Bonus: it has a cute leather handle... I am a sucker for leather accents on baby gear.

What hung me up on this option was the bulked rectangles design and how obnoxious the sun shade is... also, no infant car seat option so I can’t swing it as an all in one double stroller when baby number two eventually comes along...

That’s when I went down the rabbit hole searching for the perfect option. I mean, there HAS to be something in between these two?

Amazon lead me to a few Keenz knock offs for around $200 or your standard fabric wagon that may or may not have seat belts for $60-$100. Walmart has a standing/playpen massive stroller for $500 with a shade... and then the seas parted & I found a YouTube video of a new stroller wagon releasing at a baby gear show... I went way down a rabbit hole people...

That video was of the Evenflo Xplore stroller/wagon. It made my stroller wagon dreams come true. It has a sleek design (not boday), includes two sunshades (with spf 50), a snack tray, cup holders, cushioned seats with seat belts, AND they have an adapter for an infant seat (coming soon). The best part? It is priced at $349. I KID YOU NOT (This is not paid, I am just this crazy).

It just finally released at Target exclusively and I had to get my hands on one. I am excited to review it fully & give it a try. I will create an entire post dedicated to my fully review. I am so excited for this thing to come in the mail! Eeeek!!!! I’ll keep ya posted. And if you’re into stroller wagons like I am... you’re welcome... I just saved you a days worth of googling, ha!

This was not a paid or sponsored post. However, through Reward Style I do get commission through purchases made through my links. So if this post inspired you to purchase this stroller... buying it through this link will help justify the countless hours I spent ok’ing up stroller wagons when I should have been doing laundry. This mom thanks you.

CLICK HERE: Evenflo Xplore

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