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Dealing with a chronic illness is never easy. As a parent, I have to make the most of the energy I have each day. However, I would take that burden over having to see my child battle a chronic illness any day. Children that have to navigate through those waters are true warriors and so are their parents.

When Books That Heal reached out to share their mission with me, I was truly touched. This organization works with children fighting illnesses of many kinds and turns them into celebrated authors. They take their stories and illustrations and turn them into children's books of truth and triumph. Not only do the proceeds go to help foundations chosen by the families, but they also cover all the costs of publishing the book and even host a book signing event for these newly published authors where they are surrounded by support from family and friends.

Their stories show what makes them special, what bonds them together, and what makes them strong. Stories of fighting Pediatric Cancer, living with Epilepsy, and even stories of preparing for heaven are woven throughout the lives of these children. Written warriors that live on through their stories through Books That Heal and forever on the hearts of their loved ones.

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Whether you have a child with a chronic illness close to your heart, a love for supporting young authors and artists, or a spirit of giving, Books That Heal is an organization worth investing your time and heart in.

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