Collection with The Ariv Shop!

WHAT?! I designed a home decor collection!? Dream. Come. True.

Yep, there I am sitting on my table basically jumping for joy. Let me tell you how this all came to be. Not only do I get the honor of calling Aneika (Ariv) a friend - but she is a girl oozing with talent and a raw love for creativity. Aneika and I met way back in the day while we were both pursing music and recording with the same producer. We hit it off and have cheered each other on through each of our creative pursuits. Having Aneika in my life has definitely been a "God-thing" kind of friendship.

We both are now stepping into the home decor side of our creativity. My version is through my blog and her version is through her shop. Aneika & her cousin Sid are co-founders of The Ariv Shop and they asked me to do the honor of designing their first collaborated collection. A straight up HUGE honor & a straight up "God-thing" too - man, is he good.

We have been working for months on the designs and it has been such a learning process for me. What grace did I receive getting to work alongside a friend for my first time designing pieces from scratch. I realized a few things... I am very particular, I have big (sometimes too big) ideas, and I like incredible quality for an incredibly low price. These are great qualities to have as a blogger or a consumer... but are hard qualities to have as a product creator.

Another thing I dealt with was the pressure to create something not only I would love, but something that could work for many people, many homes, and many styles - without losing "my vibe" - I pray that was accomplished. Believe me, God was in the details.

Each piece is HAND MADE with so much care and love. You guys, the detail and quality BLEW MY MIND! To get to be apart of purely creating a product was such an unforgettable experience and I honestly enjoyed it so much - even the learning curve parts.

My vision for this collection was to blend all of my favorite styles together. The styles that intermix in my home and create my own personal style. You get a bit of classic cozy cottage farmhouse in the distressed candle sticks. A little bit of simple and classic with the cutting boards - and a bit of an edge with the leather strap. The lanterns blend the modern Anthropologie meets Serena and Lily meets boho side all meet in this one piece. The culmination of them all together feel like "me" but spread apart I hope they may feel like "you"

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