DIY Basket Lights

Let‘a keep this short and sweet and an easy reference point for you. Listen up, you - yes YOU - can make a DIY basket light out of any light you’d like. It’s SO simple, literally anyone can do it! I

Step 1: Find a basket!

Or two, or three, or four...

I found these bushel baskets at Hobby Lobby for $4 a piece! I then used Minwax Stain in the shade, Fruitwood to soften and unify the color of the baskets. At Hobby Lobby, they store their fall decor in these baskets and once they put it on the shelf they clearance then out for $3.99 - they are normally $10 in the basket section & occasionally go on sale or you can use a 40% off coupon. You can also get these baskets at your local apple orchard... after paying $45 for apples, ha!

But, like I said before... any basket will do!

Step 2:

Get a light kit.

Ikea sells light kits for $10 with a white chord or you can purchase a $10 metal bowl plug in (or wired, up to you) light fixture and unscrew the bowl of you want a black chord. I already had the bowl lights - so that’s what I ended up using!

Step 3:

Make sure to use an LED bulb.

For fire safety, you want to make sure to use a light bulb that doesn’t emit heat.

Step 4:

Drill a hole in the top of the basket.

The hole only has to be large enough to fit the plug or wired end through. You want to make sure to not make it too big so the light kit doesn’t go through. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect or pretty - this part won’t be visible once it’s hung.

Step 5:

Pull the wire through & hang! Boom. Done.

Easy Peasy - once you have the supplies it’s pretty simple! It did take a bit of muscle to drill through the bushel baskets because those puppies are sturdy... but I mean, I did it while holding a baby... so it’s not that bad! As always, message or comment if you have questions! And if you would rather watch it done via video - click below to watch my stories of the process on Instagram!


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