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The garage entry way - the first area you walk into when you make your way home for the day & the last place you think of making beautiful. Every space that we ran out of time and money to fully finish when we were remodeling our home, we simply painted it all white and called it a day. At first, it was light and beautiful and a much welcomed change from the orange oak and bright yellow walls we had before. But the plain white no longer felt fresh when it became a back drop for where we dump all of our stuff. It was time to give everything a place & a little makeover too.

I was determined to only use paint I had laying around the house. The first step was painting the hutch. I used Rust-oleum metallic paint in oil rubbed bronze to give the hardware a new look.

That lead to painting the door knob as well... because it was so so easy to paint with. Man, that stuff went on like butter. It’s a great paint for me tails, faucets, hinges, and what I use to touch up tiny areas that would be hard to spray paint.

Next on the list was to paint the hutch white. My go-to white is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. It is a soft off-white that offers just enough warmth while still remaining crisp. I had some leftover Pro Classic Trim and Cabinet paint that I used. I lived on the edge and didn’t sand because this piece was worn anyway... I’ll report back how it holds up. So far, so good.

Next up, wallpaper. This wallpaper is from Target & runs $30 a roll for 27sqft. This was my first time using peel and stick wallpaper & it won’t be my last. I’ll admit, it is easier to smooth out pasted wallpaper but if you take your time - installing this don’t so bad. I surely will appreciate when I want to switch up this space to something else and just peel it off the wall. I almost got away with one roll, but I ended up using one and a half... now to do something fun with the leftovers...

Now let’s talk about the door... adding that bold pop of greenish/gray just grounded the space. I love white on white, but I also love a good show stopping focal point - and the green was just the thing. I seriously have so many places in my home I could see this color... so watch out for that! Ha! It’s “Secret Mission“ by Valspar and it is the perfect “neutral” green - in my humble opinion. I used the leftover exterior Clark + Kensington Paint from my garage door (which I had to paint twice after we replaced the garage door)... and we STILL have half a gallon - it’s good stuff.

Then it was just a matter of playing musical rugs around my home and bringing in a larger one. I shopped my home for some decor touches and called it a day. Now I’m feeling inspired to organize to closet next to this space... tomorrow... ha! Man, a few little changes and a little time can really make a big impact. It isn’t about having the best and most decorated home... it’s avoit feeling like your personality and heart are felt by all those who enter. That this space that functions as a haven and a base for your family is cherished and loved and a little piece of well-cared for joy for all who enter. And the thing is, it isn’t the wallpaper and the paint that says all that - it’s the heart behind it. The mindset of valuing the walls and floors that you call home.

Paint colors:

- hutch, trim, and shiplap: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

- door: Secret Mission by Valspar

- hardware and doorknob: Rust-oleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze


- Opalhouse Medallion in beige from Target

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