'Fall'ing Floral Mantel

Do you see what I did there?! 'Fall'ing floral mantel... I couldn't pass up a good pun.

When I saw this quote from Friedrich Nietzche, I knew that I had to incorporate it into my home for fall - "I notice Autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature."

It rang so true in my heart because the season of Autumn invokes such a feeling for me. The smells, the flavors, the falling of the leaves - it warms my soul.

So I started with a dramatic wall scroll and put the quote to paper. My hand lettering skills are a work in progress... but there was no going back when you plan on using the entire roll for your look.

I loved the drama the whole scroll brought, so just placing items on the mantel next to it wouldn't quite do it justice. So I had to think outside of the box... I decided to think of it more as a display and less as just decor.

Am I the only one that oohs and aahs over the displays at Anthropologie, vintage markets, and home decor shops?

I shared my idea of cascading florals or leaves (I wasn't sure which one yet) with my mom & she mentioned how many florals she saw them putting out for fall at the Dollar Tree. So, you better believe I didn't waste any time going there. Faux florals at Michael's or Hobby Lobby can add up - so if you can score come cute ones for a buck, you're doing good.

I got all the pretties I could get my hands on. That's 30 stems right there...

I got out my wire clippers and fishing wire (98 cents at Walmart) and got to work!

It was pretty simple, just a little tedious. I strung a piece of fishing line across the mantel tied to the nails that were already there from Christmas stockings. I then tied the wire around each stem and hung each one onto the string across. One stem at a time.

I initially added the golden-orange leaves... but something felt too busy. So I clipped those puppies off & called it a day.... for now...

Ps: can you spot Ren in her floor seat reflected on the glass?

I still have a lot more to add around the house for fall & more might be added here... I can't decide if I need to raid another Dollar Tree for even more florals for this "display" - but for right now... I'll behave. Ha!

Cheers to Fall y'all.

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