Hearth and Hand Christmas Favorites

Oh Holy Night, they have done it again. Can I just say that I love that they brought back some favs from last year, tweaked a few, and then came out with some dreammmyyy new Christmas goodness?! Why yes, I can say that. And I did. And MRS. GAINES did. Girl.

Here are my favorites from this year's collection;

Ps: all photos are linked right to the product to shop. Ya know, just to make it even easier for Target to take all of your money.

Totally getting Ren that dollhouse for Christmas... but it really is a gift for me too. Ha! Oh, and I want that toy kitchen... for Ren... and a little bit for me too! Ha! I mean, the cookies and milk plate?! Come on! The Pine Tree print? I can't even. I am going to try and contain myself... let's see how that goes!

Merry Shopping.

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