Hobo to Boho Swingset

It all started with a baby swing that I had to have...

I “hinted” to Brad that I wanted these swings for Mother’s Day & he came through! Ha! They are all from Amazon & reasonably priced too! The hanging chairs were $50 each & the baby swing was only $30! This is our new nightly hangout spot & will be for many summers to come, so it was well worth it.

You can watch the whole process on video in my Instagram story highlight here.

This was honestly SUCH and easy DIY! My original plan was to hang the swings in our trees, but there weren’t any beaches strong enough in the right spot to hang the swings. I thought we were going to have to build a swing form... but then, as if it was sent from above... the folks down the street put this old metal swing frame out on the curb and I knew it was fate!

So I convinced my dad to hold it as it hung off the back of his truck and I drove 5mph down the street back home. Thanks dad!

From there, I simply unhooked the old swings & left the hanging hardware. I then spray painted the frame “Pure Gold” & hung the new swings on! Bam!

I realized that they swings would be off center to so used an old chandelier I had been hoarding in my garage, spray painted it to match, and wound some faux stems to give it a “plantelier” vibe.

Oh! And last, but not least - I intertwined solar fairy lights through the entire thing. It really makes a magical glow at night. From Hobo to magical Boho fairy wonderland... not too shabby.

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