Ikea Christmas Decor Favorites

I stopped in Ikea a few weeks ago to look at bathroom vanities with my sister and holy smokes, I was in Christmas Heaven... in the middle of October... send help. And today it snowed... so it’s full blown Christmas up in here!

I went home with five paper Christmas stars that I can't wait to hang! But I left a lot more at the store to be desired... practicing self control! But, in case you are feeling like you could use some more Christmas decor in your life, here are my Ikea favorites (and in Ikea fashion, they are reasonably priced).

Greenery & Trees:

Knick Knacks & Wrapping Goods:

Christmas Stars & Lights:

I mean, Eucalyptus garland, Anthropologie inspired candles, and hanging lighted hoops... yep - sounds like Christmas Heaven to me.

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