John: 2 #UnqualifiedDaily

"Jesus turned water into wine and that was his FIRST miracle!" That is my go to saying when it comes to this story... It's a lighthearted phrase that crosses my mind when I'm relaxing with a glass of wine. And apparently, Jesus knows good wine.

But there is so much going on here beyond the wine. Let's talk about Jesus and his mother, Mary. Picture this, you are the Son of the Creator of Heaven and Earth... and you still have to honor and respect your mother. Now flip that coin... you are mother raising God's son in human flesh... that you birthed... I mean, how do you put that kid in a time out? Oh wait, he never needed one. But, he was human as well - he felt the pain of the cross, I'm sure he also felt the pain of teething as a baby and Mary felt the growing pains that any mother would in those precious baby to toddler years. Hard stuff to wrap your head around.

So here they are, at a wedding... Mary knows Jesus' heart and I'm sure he's helped out many a friend (not miraculously but humanly) at this point. So is Mary asking him to perform his first recorded miracle? Probably not. She's just turning to her son, whom she knows has the heart and power to help, and can most likely never fully predict just what he will do to step in for a friend.

So why does he initially tell her not now... and then do it anyway? I'm no expert... but here's what I think... Jesus' ultimate mission was greater than wine at a wedding. It was healing the blind, the deaf, the sick, redeeming the world. So when Mary was asking him to step out - did he feel the need to remind her that his mission for miracles was more than a wedding running out of wine?

Perhaps, rather than change his mind, he showed where is divinity met his humanity. Because even though his mission was the greatest mission in the world he also cares about the daily details for each and every one of us - and to not let the small detail problems of every day rule the decisions that we make over the bigger picture.

Mary came to Jesus and trusted he knew what was best even when she wasn't sure if he was going to take care of this problem. I can relate to that... praying to Jesus to and not hearing the initial answer you hoped for. Yet, maintaining that firm trust after that point that what he will do from there is best... is hard for me. Or worrying that this prayer is too "small detail" and not enough "bigger picture" to even matter to him. But this story proves that it does.

It mattered enough to make it his first recorded miracle. It wasn't expected or grand. It honored his mother, honored his friends, and honored his relationship with humanity. Not to mention... that he made sure to make it the best darn wine they have ever tasted. So don't feel silly next time you pray for the perfect cup of joe to get you through the day. Jesus is here for the big and the small. And I'm sure he can make one killer cup of coffee.

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