John:5 #Unqualified Daily

Have you ever felt like the more headway you make, the more things start to come against you? Like you can't get ahead? You're here - doing the best you can, and yet, you just can't win.

If Jesus was just a regular old Joe I am sure he would have been feeling this way at this point. But, he knew what to really focus on, what really mattered, and where is foundation lied.

Note to self: remember what to really focus on, what really matters, and where my foundation lies...

So here is Jesus, literally healing a man who had been sick for 38 years, forgiving him of all of his sins, and getting slack for it. Come on! Can you imagine watching someone be healed right in front of your very eyes and then getting mad? Well, I guess if I was in need of healing too - or didn't think that man "deserved" it... I would feel some kind of way... just being honest here. But, the funny thing is that their anger didn't have anything to do with that. The Pharisees (aka, the mean girls) were appalled that Jesus forgave his sins. They literally saw a man be healed and didn't believe that Jesus had the power to forgive sins...

Then Jesus did his thing and gave them responses based in scripture, validating that he was the Messiah. He didn't argue. He didn't go on and on. He knew who he was, what authority he had, and knew that they had to decide on their own to accept him.

Instead, they chose to focus on him working on the Sabbath and breaking all of the man-made rules of the church. Jesus pointed out that God never meant for anyone to stop doing good on the Sabbath. His old man rested on the 7th day... but he didn't leave us in the dust, head to Cabo to lay on the beach, and say figure out on your own... this is my day off. Nope, there are certain things that don't take time off - like taking care of each other in whatever way is necessary and doing good. Do you think the Pharisees wives stopped tending to the children and cooking dinner on the Sabbath? I would beg to differ.

I'd like to stop here and say - the Pharisees were just hypocrites & I would never... but that's not true. I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus is the Messiah. But, I also can be a hypocrite sometimes, I mess up, I compare, I get wrapped up in the rules, in what others should be doing... but that is not an excuse. I don't say that all lightly as a get out jail free card. Daily, I work to spend more time in prayer, try to be better, claim responsibility when it's my fault, apologize to those I affect, focus on what really matters, remember where my foundation lies and give it all back to him.

There are no days off from the daily struggle. But, the daily weight lifts a little every time I give it back to him - good thing he doesn't take any days off either.

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