Liz Marie + White Cottage Farm Cozy Tee Collab

This gives me all the cozy vibes - pun intended. Couldn’t help it, sorry. For real, getting to work with the queen of cozy, Liz Marie Galvan on a new merch line for White Cottage Farm was a dream come true moment.

And then, another dream came true moment happened... seeing all of YOU wear your shirts! Whoa. What a straight up honor that you wanted something I took part in designing to be a part of your wardrobe.

I am still in awe and so beyond humbled. Not only about the fact that this collab even happened at all... but that so many incredible & amazingly beautiful ladies & babies inside and out chose to make these items a part of their wardrobe. What. Is. Life?!

It all started with a funny suggestion in a story question box to make a T Shirt with “Vintage Bod” written on it. Liz’s reaction inspired me to send her a few more ideas I had in my head &&& when her & Jose said we should collab on an entire collection... I am out died. In fact, I think I might have and they had to revive me.

Then, all of the sudden my fun loving ideas became a little overwhelming and silly and felt not good enough. Isn’t it funny how when something becomes real it can lead to a mind game paralysis?! Over T Shirts?! Yes. There was a lot of time in between our convos and creation because little Cope came into the picture & darn it - if he isn’t the best reason in the world to wait - then I don’t know what is. Those few months of waiting got me all in my head that I could have done more or better or etc... but, ya know what?! It all worked out as it should. And who doesn’t love an easygoing comfy tee? Ha! You guys calmed all of my fears by your love & support!

Ps: the collection can be found HERE:

... I had to screen shot my name on ... I mean, COME ON!! Who is this “Jayme Squires” chick?! She seems kinda cool.

Now let’s talk about the designs...

“Cozy Vibes Only” - ummm duh. That one speaks for itself. The queen of cozy, Liz Marie, basically wrote the book on cozy (side note: she actually did write a book on cozy called “Cozy White Cottage” and it is releasing in Sept. 2019 - go figure). When she told me they were going to be adopting a baby very soon - I knew we had to add a onesie to the mix too. And umm, who does love a little mommy + me matching set?! ... I think I might love them a little too much... COME ON, there’s no shame in my matching game!

“White Cottage Sheep” - the funny thing is that this design was originally supposed to feature the 9+ different animals on White Cottage Farm in this sketched design, from Bear to Bella to Grace to Winnie, etc... I placed just the sheep in all 9 spots to send a quick example of the design to Liz & Jose and we all just kind of fell in love with the idea of having it just be the sheep. And wouldn’t you know... the night we were originally going to launch the collection new baby sheep were born! I mean, what says “White Cottage Farm” more than a cozy heard of sheep? NOTHIN’

“Vintage Bod” - the phrase that started it all. Simple & written in my handwriting, this shirt speaks for itself... or it speaks for the person who loves pickin’ for vintage on a Saturday morning instead of running a 5k. I’m kidding. Kind of. Not really. You get the point.

“Vintage Mirrors” - this design has A double meaning. Not only was it inspired from Liz’s knack for layering beautiful antique mirrors in her home from her walls, to her shelves, to her mantel... she manages to always ooze inspiration with her vignette. But to me, the mirrors mean more... As I was sketching these mirrors this verse:

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

1 Corinthians 13:12

When we are in the waiting, the in between, or even just the day to day it can be hard to see what God has for us. In fact, the whole picture is not clear to see. We just have to trust in what God has in store for us & hindsight always manages to shed a brighter light in his path and plan all along. That’s what makes this shirt my favorite. I love how God can weave his way into our lives like that when we let him.

This collection really unleashed an artistic side I hadn’t utilized since college. The act of creating always fills me up & I am so thankful to Liz & Jose for not only inspiring other creatives daily, but also walking right alongside them & sharing their goodness at the same time. Man, this was fun.

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