New Mom Starter Kit

If you’re looking to bless a new mom in your life or are an expecting mama yourself - I’ve compiled my favorite items to have for a newborn and you can buy the entire list for under $100.

1. The real MVP for breastfeeding mamas - this silicone hand pump. I know, that sounds terrifying... but it will be your new best friend. This little piece of magic allowed me to build a whole supply of milk in the freezer without ever having to use my electric pump. I would use my main pump if I skipped a feeding (for engorgement reasons) but this little guy simply collects your excess when feeding and it’s amazing how much it helps with not only creating a supply but also coming in clutch when you are engorged and in a pinch. You simply place it on the opposite side your baby is feeding on and it does the rest.

2. A ring sling - Kea Baby.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a few months late to the ring sling game... but once I hopped on it, there was no going back. Ring slings are SO much easier to maneuver than a wrap or even a carrier... plus they fold into your diaper bag nice and tiny! Oh, and we STILL use it! Yep, depending on how much your little weighs you can use one up to 3 years old!

I invested in a Wild Bird for my first sling and love it. Their videos are so helpful and their slings are beautiful... but they are around $100+ so when I wanted to add another color to my collection or have one to use while the other was in the wash (aka: pile of dirty laundry that will be there for a week)... I started to look for a more affordable option. Sometimes once you gain more confidence as a mama... you realize you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for your children to be happy, healthy, and safe.

Kea Baby makes an affordable ring sling available on Amazon. I have one of each sling and love them both. There are pros and cons to both brands, but I would start with Kea Baby to see if your baby even likes being in a sling & Amazon allows for free returns if your babe isn’t feeling it. All babies are different.

3. Portable Sound Machine. When you’re on the go a portable sound machine is a life saver. We are fan sleepers and Ren has used to sleeping with white noise. This cute little owl has become our BFF on the carseat, stroller, and anywhere she falls asleep on the go in between.

4. Anything Ryan & Rose.

I love this company SO much. Ren loved their paci’s & their clips are THE safest pacifier clips on the market. the shorter length ensures that it can’t wrap around your baby’s neck & the cords are tested rigorously to ensure they won‘t snap or break. Not to mention they offer sooooooo many adorable colors and types of products for any baby. Plus, Lindsey - who is the founder of Ryan and Rose is a breath of fresh air & someone you’d love to call a friend.

5. A simple sleeping gown. We had one of these at the hospital and it was the perfect sleeper to put Ren in when she was born. The open bottom (with the option to button) allows for your baby to easily wear it even when still connecting to all of the hospital systems and bands. Plus, the timeless style and color makes for beautiful photos as well.

This sleeper is from Sora Street Boutique. This shop not only has the most adorable baby clothes, but their prices are so affordable. Also, the founder is a wonderful new mama named Sky. Her story and journey is a beautiful one worth following too.

I hope this helps ya out a bit if you are looking for how to help or prep as a new mama. Don’t worry, hey don’t require as much as ya think when they first arrive. Around the clock love will pretty much do it! And and anything else can be picked up or primed in a jiff. Don’t worry, you got this!

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