A Day at The Found Cottage Mercantile Market

We fell in love with this market last year [and were the crazy people that bought the couch] so we hopped in the car and made a day of it again this year! It was a last minute final decision because home girl, Renna is not the best trip taker. But let me tell you, she was a CHAMP. Looks like the tables are turning on her handling car rides - HALLELUJAH!

Can you believe she was just a little miracle seedling in my belly this time last year?!

On the sofa we took home last year with our fav IG ladies, Liz Marie & Ali [Mustard Seed Beginnings]

Our first stop was at the Mecca, The Found Cottage store. We didn’t have time to stop last time we were in MI & so we left early this time around. The goodies there are endless. Talk about sensory overload - in the best kinda way.

We then hit up the closest Gluten-Friendly restaurant maps could lead us to - because we had one hungry baby & we weren’t wasting time. We ended up at The Rainbow Grill with our 80 & 90 year old pals. Let‘s just say a newbie like Ren was a REAL hit.

Then it was off to the market! Ren got to meet her biggest fan, Meredith from Cloth + Cabin, in person! They were BFF at first sight. & I scooped up some goodies at their suupperrrr cute pop-up shop.

And I thought I had sensory overload at the shop... the market was a whole ‘nother level! Even MORE amazing vendors than last year. Take a looksie:

We ran into the golden Liz Marie, herself. We reminisced about being the crazies that stuffed a couch into our friend’s van last year & she made us feel like old friends. One of the sweetest gals around. Not to mention, Jose is also such a kind guy! We, of course, had to document how once again this all took place around a couch - but we didn’t buy this one - this time.

Renna & all her chunky baby glory was the hit of the market & we have already married her off to Abby’s little guy, Otto [from Adventures in Abby Land].

We caught up with Ali again at her amazing booth & made a new friend in Jaime at J’Me Decor - where we scooped up this year’s furniture find...

T’Da.... a hanging chair!

Brad wanted to model it for you with his best blogger poses. I think he nailed it.

I can‘t wait to get it all set up & styled in our home. I had my eye on a few of these chairs at the market ranging between $200-$250. Ali even had an amazing double seater chair - but when I saw hers it was already marked “sold.” I literally ran to Jaime’s booth to scoop up this one for just $70. A steal of a deal. Brad saw my last minute hesitation & pulled the trigger - he bought it for me. What a man, what a mighty good man.

Another magical time at one of our favorite markets. Wonder what will come home with us next year?

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