Practical Baby Must Haves from Amazon

Listen, you can search the internet high & low. You can get everything matching and in your perfect color pallet. You can get the swing that everyone raves about... but your baby will tell you what's up... they will call the shots on what they love, and that will be what YOU end up loving. So this list isn't the "cutest and most unique baby finds" - nope. This list is "what got us through the day." I will save the curated cuteness for another time... but if you're expecting a child... here's the down low on all those little things you see at the store and think... am I gonna need this?

#1 Time is precious as a parent. So, if you would rather jump right to the full list on Amazon - just click here: BABY STUFF WE USE ON THE DAILY

I'll just be here explaining why we love this stuff so much - so stay and read, if you'd like.

Okay, it's about to get real. Here is why you need a silicone manual pump in your life (hear me out breastfeeding mamas). A friend recommended one to me & it is LIFE CHANGING. I am not being over dramatic... this little guy will be your life saver, especially in the first few weeks.

- When you are breastfeeding, you can place this onto the breast you are not feeding with to collect the excess milk. Don't worry, it's comfortable. It will collect the milk that would otherwise leak into a breast pad. I would collect about 4 oz. each feeding! So I only had to actually "pump" a few times to work up a stash of milk for the freezer.

- This also helps those times you are engorged to release some milk before feeding your babe when they are just too itty bitty to handle your milk coming in... or manually pumping yourself in the back seat when stuck in traffic on the way home from the doctor... yeah, that happened.

I am no expert, but I will say that I have never suffered from a clogged duct or mastitis (knock on wood) and I give kudos to this guy right here... in fact, order two... because we have three actually - so we always have clean spare at home and ready to go in the diaper bag.

Okay, this is not such a popular opinion... but I'm gonna say it... you do not need to spend all your money on an expensive baby carrier. That is, at first. Here's why...

I registered for a $200 baby carrier that simply stayed on my registry because the momma's must have known! Ha! So, in an attempt to get something done (aka my daughter was attached to me) and she was now to big for enjoying a sling wrap (at 3 months... girl liked to MOVE), I went to Target in desperation and bought the least expensive carrier they had, this one from Infantino. For $30 it did the trick. It doesn't have fancy pockets, or a fancy pattern, but we still use it to this day (and Ren is 25lbs).

I have a bad back and the support is actually pretty good. I know there are other carriers out there that have better support - and if I plan to carry her past 30 pounds, I would invest in a larger one - but here's the thing... your baby might not even like it! So try out the $30 and go from there. Ren is more on the move than ever now... and I am not sure she will still enjoy being in this guy much longer - so it looks like we have invested all we need into a baby carrier. $30 well spent in my book.

Okay, let's talk about the SunuggleMe Organic. Now, this may or may not be something your baby loves... but chances are... it will be magic.

I did not register for this pillow - I won it on an Instagram giveaway... and man, am I so glad I did! We planned on co sleeping with her in our room for the first six months (still going strong at 10 months... yeah, I said it...). The original plan - swaddle, sleep in the Snuggle Nest (different product than the SnuggleMe... try and keep up with all the snuggles here...). It was only $30 and had the mesh surround for safe sleep. The idea was that we could put it in the crib, the bed, or the bassinet (aka the pack and play) as needed.

Well, Ren hated to be swaddled. And, Ren hated to be unswaddled in a sleep sack. Anddddd, Ren hate to sleep anywhere that wasn't in my arms. Way to go, Ren.

This is where the Heaven's declared the SnuggleMe Organic a lifesaver. We gave this (what I thought was an over priced pillow) a try... and I would pay three times as much for it now... but thankfully they are still the same price ($139). This pillow made her feel as though she was being held. It was the only place she would be content. So, if you find yourself where we were... after following all of the "sleep rules" and "sleep training" to no avail... get yo'self a pillow.

Investing in a good thermometer is so important. The flu was still running rampant around the time Ren was born. Then, shortly after Hand Foot and Mouth went around my nieces and nephews... so checking her temperature became a regular thing. I love this thermometer because I can just swipe her forehead quickly and gently. There are some reviews that say it isn't accurate (but a review farther down says they never removed the plastic cover on top). I made sure to fully remove all protective packaging covers when mine arrived and we have always had accurate readings. It's also nice to have anytime Brad decides he is "sick" and needs a neck rub.

There are many more items we use and love daily. These are just a few stars of the show that I did not register for or expect to love so much. For the full list and more explanations, click HERE to get to my Amazon page. As we continue to figure this out together, I will add more! Oh, the things that excite me now... like silicone breast pumps... #motherhood

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