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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Brad gave me one stipulation when it came to designing the nursery for our baby girl - no pink.

He wanted it to have a “cool” girl vibe with a little edge. Well, what’s more “edgy” than breaking the rules? Sorry Brad.

It was not my intention to break the rules, it just kinda happened that way... we came up with a plan togther for a black & white nursery with pops of gold. I still wanted it to feel “girly” in it’s own way, so I showed him this black and white floral wallpaper & he gave me the thumbs up!

Beautiful, right?! But the price tag... more than we were planning on spending... I couldn’t justify $400 on wallpaper for 1 wall, especially if we wanted to switch it up one day or if we ended up moving sooner rather than later.

I switched to plan B and found some wall decals that I hoped would give a similar effect. I managed to get them for $65 as a part of a Black Friday Sale from Simple Shapes. They are sure pretty & I plan to use them somewhere else eventually - but they just weren‘t enough & the room felt too “black and white.”

I spread them out & rearranged them, but they still weren’t the right fit.

I debated ordering more... and that’s when the seas parted & I happened upon the D.Marie Interiors floral wall mural. I could not believe my eyes. I actually messaged her & ask 1,000 times - you mean I get the ENTIRE mural for the wall for $100? (Black Friday 30% sale price - but even full price at $150 is a steal!).

Brad approved the pink & it was JUST what the room needed. It came in 4 sheets & the adhesive wall glue mix. My mom & I put the German directions into Google Translate and got to work...

Side note: my legs started itch like crazy & we had to pause, go out in a blizzard to get blood work done - only to get there & find out the lab techs left early due to the snow storm. Luckily, the receptionist tracked down a tech from another office upstairs and saved the desperate itchy pregnant woman.

It was quite a day. But, once we returned home my mom hung up the last piece of the mural & it was such a beautiful sight.

The only thing left to do was paint the dresser/changing table. I used Old Barn Milk Paint - in the shade Letterbox. I recommend using the bonding agent if you don’t plan on sanding. I didn’t use a bonding agent & I didn’t sand... and a TON of paint chipped off - so I had to add leftover white paint to get it to stick. Last time I used milk paint was on a much older piece of furniture - so there was not much varnish, if any on it. That was not the case with this dresser. Lesson learned.

Then we added a few finishing touches - like these signs from Hobby Lobby and a a vintage style gold lamp. I also got $8 frames from Walmart & spray painted them gold. I printed two prints at FedEx Office for $5 a piece to hang in the frames on either side of her window -which read: “In a field of roses“ - “she is a wildflower.”

We were gifted our rocking chair, crib, changing pad, & knit baskets. We were blown away by the generosity of our family & friends at our baby shower - and still are by their continued love & support.

There is something magical about a nursery. It was my favorite place to sit & dream of the life our little girl would lead. A place to pray about the lady she would grow to become.

It’s now the place I read her books, sing silly songs, get her dressed, play on the floor & rock her to sleep.

- Still my favorite place to be. Everything in the world feels right when I sit in here with Ren. It’s our little oasis from the rest of the world & I wouldn’t trade this little lady for anything.

& Brad can still have his “edge” when we sit here in our 90s grunge band T’s.... even if my Nirvana T is pink... and matches the pink floral wall mural.

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