#Rentober Recap + Outtakes

You guys, we did it! 31 days, 31 costumes, 31 times we all laughed and loved little Ren together. As I take a deep breath, I feel a sense of relief... but I'm not gonna lie, I had fun.

My favorite part was seeing all of your reactions each day to Ren's daily look. Having you guys be excited made me even more excited. So thank you for not getting sick of my baby girl all dressed up. I mean, I kinda have a Renna photo addiction ... but this time, the feeling was mutual. So THANK YOU! So, in honor of feeling quite victorious over this achievement today we went with a little - Rosie the Riveter inspired "We Can Do It" look for our final feature:

So now that we've seen Renna be about everything I could dream up for the month of October - here's to raising and supporting a gal that can be anything she dreams up to be any day of the week. Oh, and outtakes of course... it surely was a labor of love. Happy Halloween Friends! Or should I say.. Ren-O-Ween. Enjoy!

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