& The Soul Felt Its Worth

& the Soul Felt its Worth, my favorite verse of Oh Holy Night because it reminds me that our worth is not found in what we have or even who we are, but in who’s we are.

A friend reached out to me and opened up about how she doesn’t feel she is enough to anyone else or even to herself to be worthy to live... my heart broke. Lies are loud & happiness looks fleeting but our hope, our joy, our worth comes from Jesus. There was purpose in his pain & there can be purpose in yours too. You are loved, you are worthy, you are enough.

I created these sweatshirts with that message in mind. Whether you need to remind yourself, or send one to a friend to remind them - let this thought sink in... YOU have worth, just as you are, even in this season. So. Much. Worth.

I then received another message, and another, and another, of those who wish they had more to give this season. Women grateful for inspiration from a Dollar Store because a few dollars is all they have to create holiday magic for their children. Stories of families in need and how winning a giveaway would mean so much more than just a shopping spree... it could mean food on the table and presents under the tree.

There is so much need right here in this community. So that’s when it became more than just selling sweatshirts with a message, it became sharing sweatshirts with soul. 20% of every purchase will go right back into our very own IG Giving Tree. I have created a form on jaymesquires.com/nominate where you can add a friend to our tree or even anonymously add yourself. I will be using 100% of those funds to give back to those placed on our tree through your hearts. 🌲♥️

Gifts aren’t the glory, but giving back brings glory to the one who gives our souls its worth. #SweatshirtsWithSoul #ShoppeSquires

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